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Our Work: Government

Imagine what you could do if you really knew people; if you truly understood how they behave, and why they do what they do. With that knowledge, you could create exceptional places, services and experiences.


At Public Research + Design, we shape strategy at the intersection of community, customers, innovation and design. Our work integrates human experience into the design and development process, leading to innovative, different and often surprising outcomes.  See some of our work in the case studies below.

Community engagement


Co-design game: Designing a new school with young children, teachers and parents

Research, Strategy & Engagement


Improving public safety in the outdoors


Image by Dylan Gillis

Strengthening the planning application by proving community need

Research, Strategy & Engagement


Understanding domestic and family violence in LGBTIQ+ communities

Social Housing

Strategy, Research &

Community engagement

*Image courtesy of refresh design

Making shared places work through research and co-design

Research, Strategy & Engagement


Hospital in the home - increasing patient uptake by understanding team dynamics

Research, Strategy & Engagement

Image by Rémi Walle

Delivering shared social services in the home

Strategy & Research


Strategic Design research & service design for Queensland Government

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