The experience economy is here. Architecture and design are focussing increasingly on the users' experience in space. To build places that are truly human-centred you need knowledge on the different users for your project and their specific needs.


Public is a user-centred strategy consultancy for the built environment.

We help you do your best work by giving you data on users. 

Architects & Consultants



We offer four core services.

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Understand your user and their needs

Create truly human-centred places based on 

insights on the people that use them. Increase the success of your design, strategy, marketing and engagement

Community CoDesign



Engagement that feeds into design and business decisions. True community input through collaboration with end users and customers.

Change Management



Engage meaningfully with project partners around evidence and data on end users and operations.

Improve performance

Understand how your environments impact performance, 

engagement and customer experience and design strategies that boost them.



Here's how we can benefit your work. 


Understand user demographics, user needs and user behaviour in your location

Create efficiencies by rallying your team around knowledge on the end user.

Understand in detail specific needs of your user groups that feed into the brief.

Have meaningful engagement based on user data.

Engage stakeholders by knowing their underlying drivers of behaviour.





Change management

Public can help your firm grow your share of the market – and build client loyalty – because we marry social science research and built environment knowledge to accomplish outcomes that range from prototyping to co-design, across real and virtual worlds. Call us to discover how we can give your projects a competitive edge.

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