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Our Services

We add value across many program areas, from feasibility to community engagement and placemaking. Our core services are across two strategic areas:

1. People Insights

2. Place Insights

A bespoke research and engagement study of your customers and community, giving you an unparalleled understanding of them, their needs now and in the future, to inform strategic decision-making.

  • Helps you understand your core customer     

  • Identifies their true needs

  • Predicts their future needs in relation to your development or project

A bespoke place study of your project giving you deep insights on the context and unique strategic position of your project through the eyes of the customer, community and competition. 

  • Helps you understand the current usage of place

  • Identifies the competitive landscape of your project

  • Identifies the strategic opportunities of your project

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Smoother development application process through in-depth community study  

  • Decreased risk for commercial and retail strategy through customer testing

  •  Easier lending and leasing process due to actual prospective customer data 

  • Smoother development application process due to understanding your project's unique place proposition

  • Decreased risk for commercial and retail strategy through competitor analysis

  • Reduced material spend due to knowing how people will use your space

​Both of these services impact significantly a number of program areas, including:

  • Feasibility by understanding community need

  • Social impact strategy

  • Commercial strategy

  • Retail strategy

  • Leasing strategy

  • Community engagement

  • Marketing

  • Placemaking

Our clients

Our clients range from local, state and federal governments, education, health and housing, to developers, retailers and public space operators. We partner with architects and planners to value-add to their work.

Our process

Our process uses qualitative research, including Design Thinking methodologies, to unearth deeper insights about human behaviour and how it relates to your project or program. First, we go deep to understand people and context. Then, we go broad to consider experience beyond place.


All developments, services and experiences are used by different people with various needs. We segment them based on behavioural and psychological drivers and identify the people we need to understand deeper in the next stages of our process.


We engage with people face to face, in context, in their natural environments. We observe things they do to understand why – often in their homes, at the workplace, in transit or wherever they are. This small-scale but deep process gives unrivalled insights into human behaviour, in a way no survey ever could.  


For us, understanding place means being there. We spend time on streets, squares, in workplaces or suburbs that relate to the development or project, to record and spot patterns that explain what’s already there, and what’s needed.

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