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Public Research + Design is a unique research consultancy that works with clients across government, property development, architecture and business. We marry anthropological research with design-thinking and data, to create compelling and attractive people-centred experiences and journeys.

Our methods and findings add value across the development program, ranging from reduced holding costs and shorter approval times, to improved design outcomes and increased profitability. We work across digital and analogue experiences, and our solutions reduce the friction between virtual and built worlds.

We help our clients observe, research, predict, envisage, design and deliver the future, always through a people-focussed lens

Our story

The people for whom we build things have always been at the heart of our work. Our previous careers were in understanding what and how to build it (business analysis, project management) and why (design anthropology, business consulting). Working with the largest organisations in Australia we sensed a gap in really understanding the end user and converting that knowledge into business outcomes.


We then founded Public to facilitate exactly that - a better integration of the user into architectural, design, experience and development processes to improve business and social outcomes.

Our people


Public's founders are Edward and Lena Belin, supported by experienced colleagues across the sector based on project needs. We're an interdisciplinary team that combines 30+ years of experience in social science, human-centred design, data analytics, infrastructure and business consulting to the design of spaces, services and experiences.

At Public, Edward draws on his experience in the property development sector, having managed for many years projects at the interface of users, architects, developers and builders in large-scale public sector projects. Prior, he was a senior manager in the technology and data analytics sectors, managing the interface between users, business needs and technology solutions. Early in his career he worked in retail, having kept a keen interest in the sector since.

He gets excited about user data, the future of retail and well-designed customer experiences.

Lena is an award-winning researcher and designer with 17+ years experience in social science research and human-centred design. She has won two Good Design awards for the design of human-centred services and has delivered customer-led transformation and experience design projects to Australia's largest organisations.

Her goal at public is to open the conversation about what users can bring to a design process and how operators, developers and designers can benefit from that in their work.

She gets fired up about participatory design, anthropology and bringing back the human into our environments.

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