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Integrating place design with service delivery

*Image courtesy of refresh design

We co-designed an innovative integrated service delivery model for a social housing project as part of the Density Diversity Done Well series.



  • A new integrated on-site service delivery model for service providers and tenants

  • True inclusive community engagement by involving tenants and service providers in the design process

  • Demonstration of the value of co-design with community

Integrating the space and service

There is often a disconnect in architecture and urban planning between the tangible and the in-tangible, the built environment- and service solution. As a result, social housing developments are typically designed without considering how and where social services will be delivered.


This research and co-design project addressed this challenge. Using a co-design approach that integrated the different needs of everyone who lives and works in social housing, we facilitated an integrated concept that delivers shared physical spaces and a service delivery concept within them. Get in touch to find out more details about our solution. 

Therapy Session

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