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Strengthening the planning application by demonstrating community need

Through in-depth place and in-home community research we demonstrated to Council how the development meets community needs beyond purely economic dimensions



  • Support in the DA process with first-hand, current evidence of community need 

  • Demonstrated true community need beyond generic and aggregated data

  • Detailed and specific place analysis of cultural, social and behavioural needs

  • Detailed profiling of the community in six segments

Achieving a positive DA-outcome by demonstrating community need

The project faced challenges around approval for its development application. Demonstrating community need for the development was a critical part of the response strategy to council.


While typical approaches to demonstrating community need rely on generalised economic data, our fine grain, in-depth research with key segments of the community demonstrated cultural, behavioural and social needs that are required in the trading area. This supported the development of a balanced argument to put forward to council. 


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