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Rethinking retail and dining in the suburbs

Through research with customers in their home we helped a developer design an innovative design and commercial strategy that reinvents the experience of dining and shopping in the suburbs. 



  • A new ‘food concierge’ concept that saves car spaces and delivers more turnover

  • Tailor-made retail strategy that attracts the right, boutique tenant mix

  • Clear project brief saving the developer time coordinating the consultant team

Delivering a unique experience by understanding customer needs

The client had a vision of bringing an elevated, design-driven outcome to the community with the build of a boutique, village-like dining and retail community precinct. However, lack of knowledge on the specific groups in the community and their detailed needs prevented the team from achieving the tailored, superior offer they were looking to deliver.


The developer engaged us to understand the opportunities for the project from a community and customer perspective. Understanding and engaging with the community and customers before and during the design process ensured the project will truly meet community and customer needs and achieve better commercial outcomes. 

Zero Waste Store

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