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A commercial and social impact strategy tailor-made for the community

Through one on one research in customers’ homes and in the community, we helped a precinct developer create a commercial and place strategy with a difference



  • A tailor-made commercial and place precinct strategy that sets the developer apart from generic competitors

  • Precinct experience design blueprint based on detailed research with the community

  • Social impact strategy that is tailor made for the community

Designing a community-oriented commercial and social strategy

This planned retail, dining and entertainment precinct is one amongst many in a fast-growing and competitive trading area. Expanding on the existing precinct, the developer needed to differentiate their offer while keeping their existing customer base. 

Through in-depth research with customers in their homes, with community in the places they use, and by analysing existing and planned competitive developments we delivered a tailored strategy for the retail, dining and entertainment quarters of the precinct, as well as the overall place experience. 

From these activities it became clear that the concept for the development must be grounded in local community values and needs and deliver more than just a place to shop.


We helped the developer develop plans for community meeting places, community events and partnerships with local value-driven enterprises. Rather than just another upscale, polished design and offer, the concept now caters to every member of the community, generating community value beyond commerce. 

Bespoke customer and place research delivers results


We conducted in-depth place and customer research across a 15 kilometer radius from the mall. This meant up-front synthesis of existing user and customer
data, a segmentation analysis as well as place and competitor research across 25+ malls and venues.

This was followed by 30+ hours of one on one in-home interviews with customers to identify their habits, routines, needs and aspirations around retail, dining and entertainment as well as a gap analysis of the area. 

This data served as the basis for a strategy document outlining the suggested design, tenant and experience strategy for the precinct. 

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