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Technology is rapidly changing consumers' behaviour. Building and design are now all about users' experience to complement online. To build places that are truly human-centred you need knowledge on the different users for your project and build your offer around them and their needs.

Community sentiments to developments are also changing. Understanding the community and their needs in detail can make the difference between a smooth or unsuccessful planning application process.


We have experience preparing expert witness reports and community needs assessment reports that demonstrate the developer has considered and applied knowledge about community needs.


Public helps you future-proof your investment across the development cycle by deeply understanding your users and customers' needs.



We offer four core services.

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Understand your user and their needs

Create truly human-centred places based on 

insights on the people that use them. Increase the success of your design, strategy, marketing and engagement

Community CoDesign



Engagement that feeds into design and business decisions. True community input through collaboration with end users and customers.

Strengthen your DA



User needs analysis and other analytical products support your application by demonstrating you have deeply 

considered end users and the community.

Improve performance

Understand how your environments impact performance, 

engagement and customer experience and design strategies that boost them.



Here's how we can benefit your project. 

De-risk your project through early, meaningful and inclusive engagement.



If you’re interested in finding out how Public can help you transform your developments – by providing people-focussed evidence to reduce your time-to-market, costs and risk, while giving your projects a competitive edge – please contact us to arrange a meeting:

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