Future Cities & Planning

Technologies are rapidly changing and communities' behaviours shift in response. We don't know what our cities will look like in the future - but we can study people's motivations, cultures, deep-held beliefs and habits. They give us the knowledge to design the future such that it serves people.

The future of cities is built upon better understanding and involving users.

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Behavioural Insights

Create truly human-centred places based on 

insights on the people that use them today. Increase the success of your design, strategy, and engagement by understanding how you can truly shift behaviour.

Strategic Engagement



Engagement that feeds into design and business decisions. True community input through collaboration with end users and customers that help you envision and define the future, together.

Research & context analysis

Understand how your environments impact performance, 

engagement and customer experience and design strategies that boost them, today and tomorrow.



We offer three core services for supporting future city growth.



Here's how we can benefit your project. 

Planning process

Understand user demographics, user needs and user behaviour in your location

Reduce risk and create efficiencies by building what people need and rallying your consultants around this knowledge.

Strengthen your planning process by demonstrating community need

De-risk your project through early, meaningful and inclusive engagement.

Identify user groups and tailor your marketing strategies to them.

Improve operations by offering services for users' needs

Research & Visioning






Public employs anthropological research methods that enable cities, state and local governments to genuinely engage with citizens and stakeholders to create innovative and compelling places, spaces, journeys and facilities.


Let’s get together to discuss how human-centred design can transform your built environment projects.

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