Technology is changing the way we work, shop and live. To create opportunities from these changes you must deeply understand customers' worlds.

We use anthropology to get under customers' skin and study their habits, rituals, desires and needs. Based on this knowledge we then design for the future. We find opportunities that improve the experience, take out friction in the customer journey and strengthen the link between online and 'real-life'. 



We offer three core services.

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Customer science

We help create truly human-centred places, experiences and services by deeply understanding the people who use them.

Customer experience design 


We create a new future for places, services, and experiences based on customer research.  

Prototyping with customers

We reduce risk of designing new customer offers by testing and refining it with them.


Understand user demographics, user needs and user behaviour in your location

Create efficiencies by rallying your team around knowledge on the end user.

Understand in detail specific needs of your user groups that feed into the brief.

Have meaningful engagement based on user data.







Here's how we can benefit your work. 

Call us to find out how Public’s research services can enhance your understanding and delivery of customer experience and customer journeys  – across digital and analogue channels– to provide a competitive edge and generate increased profits.

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